Essential Roofing Knowledge for Facility Managers

by Paul Farrier and Kenneth Brzozowski, PhD

Excerpts from the Preface of the Book

“Though Facility Managers do not control all aspects of a roof replacement project, and not expected to, their management skills are essential to steering a successful project. The various choices that they make in delegating can assure optimum long-term quality and best economy or result in something much less. The purpose of this dissertation is to provide the Facility Manager with a good understanding of what drives the roofing industry and how it has evolved under market forces to be what it is today. With this insightful knowledge, a Facility Manager will be able to cause vendors to be more client-centric and take their focus off of what their competition is doing.”

“If Facility Managers knew that they had alternative choices in the matter, they would not choose having to replace a roof every twenty years or less. It is too expensive, too risky, and too problematic for the environment. On the other hand, contractors and manufacturers would love an opportunity to replace a roof every ten to twenty years. It appears that they are getting their way.”

“Without a doubt, all Facility Managers know that they have a duty to care about their company’s assets and profitability. Now considering that the roof is the one asset that protects all others, it makes sense that roof should be carefully and properly managed. So, it is logical that if roofing assets are to be managed, they must be managed well. The building owner will not get the full economic benefit from poorly designed and executed programs.”

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